The House that Built a Home

“This is the reason I love my job - to see a house raise up a new family.”

The young, newlywed couple were excited to meet the seller of their new home during the final walk through, the night before the keys are handed over to the buyers. The tall elderly man stood proud as he shook their hands. The house was his pride and joy, built by him some 50 years ago. They watched their kids grow up there, leave and bring back children of their own to enjoy the fresh fruit from the trees in the back yard.

With his wife now living in a nursing home, he wanted to live closer to her to assist with her care (think The Notebook movie). He showed us pictures of his wife with such love in his eyes. Anxious to teach the young couple all the features of the home, the secret spaces and special care that should be given to maintain its pristine condition. The owner’s daughter stood there with tears in her eyes listening to her dad give instructions to them like a nurse showing first time parents how to hold a new baby. It was a huge undertaking for her to get the house ready for sale. The process of sifting through every item, decluttering and letting go of the contents and...the memories.

At times, it felt as if each room was waking up as the newlywed couple walked through the halls, planning their future there, and the house stands ready to welcome and protect its new family. It’s such an honour to be part of this new chapter in people’s lives and to do this as a career is pretty cool. I’m very blessed and grateful,” states Beth Rezoski, Sales Representative, Royal LePage Binder Real Estate.

Beth has been winning the affection of her clients since 2004 and her enthusiasm is contagious but she states, “There is a ton of information out there but getting the RIGHT information is key.” This year Beth was the recipient of the elite Diamond Award, representing the top 3% of realtors across Canada for Royal LePage, a company founded 106 years ago. Royal LePage is the only real estate chain that has its own national charity, The Shelter Foundation which she is a very proud sponsor. Beth donates a portion of each commission to help local women and children escape domestic violence.

Beth prides herself on asking a lot of authentic questions and takes written notes (old habits from working in the legal world) communicating that she's all-in and the right, dependable agent for the job. “I'm so grateful for the opportunity to help people list and sell their homes and excited to help them with all aspects of their move.”

“Don't wait until your house is in perfect order,” she says, “I prefer to see a home before it’s ready for market, as I can save the sellers money and time changing things that don't necessarily increase the value.” She states that sometimes it’s a year later when clients call her back in to list. “I love to see the transformation of the house once they’ve implemented some of my advice, I always tell them to make it look like you are walking into a suite at the Marriott!”

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